Million Dollar Pips


Million Dollar Pips is one of the EAs that I was personally quite interested in checking out. After speaking to a lot of robot traders it became clear that this particular EA performs consistently so I’m looking forward to seeing what this bot can do.

This EA is built around a ‘safe’ and ‘unique’ scalping strategy that applies effective money management and NO Martingale strategies.

The robot does not employ hedging strategies and follows FIFO regulations.


The robot was developed by William Morrison who spent the last 18 years developing software before turning to Forex.

William had the same problems all robot traders have at some point. The robots he bought didn’t work. This led him to learn more about trading and almost 2 years later, he went on to develop his own Expert Advisor, Million Dollar Pips.

Here’s what you need to know about this EA:

  • The Million Dollar Pips EA is programmed to trade on the 1M chart.
  • It has an extremely tight stop loss to protect your investment.
  • It uses a simple combination of an indicator and price action to detect and scalp mini breakouts using machine speed with smart trailing techniques.
  • Million Dollar Pips has an excellent profit rate, plus very high number of trades, it uses risk diffusion.


William had one simple goal, to create a real system, but not a simple system, not one that makes a little money, one that grows an account. One that explodes an account into profits while trying to maintain a low drawdown, without using martingale, high stop loss, or anything with crazy risk.

After having numerous communications with him over the lat few weeks, I can tell you that he does a great job of providing real software with real quality support.

PLUS free updates! He’s a programmer who cares about his product and wants it to succeed so he continues to improve and upgrade the robot.


There is a version of the EA that works on the EURUSD currency pair and another version designed to work on the USDJPY pair. Which version you prefer is entirely up to you, but note that in our tests, we are using the EURUSD version.

The EA will work on unlimited demo accounts but only on one live account. Additional licences for live accounts are also available.

The EA comes with an Auto installer which is pretty easy to run through but this EA is an advanced piece of kit and it does come with a few nifty little options.

Please be sure to read the manual and understand each of the parameters before making any adjustments to the settings. For our testing purposes we will be using the default settings.


This EA is backed up by live account statements that go back almost two years, that will give you an idea of the performance. Whether it can do the same for us, remains to be seen. Watch this space!

If you’ve used this EA please feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the form below.


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7 Comments/Reviews

  • Frank Yates says:

    I just received your backtest info. I will definitely study it over the weekend. I have been using Fapturbo and it sort of works OK. I do more of my own trading but am getting tired of the constant diligence I have to contribute. Fapturbo is not going to cut the mustard. I hope your story is 1% honest.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Frank, yup, the results are posted from my VPS directly on to the leader board on the site so you can track my results by simply visiting the homepage whenever you like. I agree with you, one good EA can do a pretty decent job but we’ve found that the best way to get ahead is to put together a portfolio of good EAs that deliver good results. That’s the main purpose of this site, to help separate the good and bad robots and make it clear which ones belong in a trader’s portfolio. I personally pay attention to the top 5 EAs on the leader board because they deliver the most consistent results and since they all work a little differently it means I’m not throwing all my eggs in one basket. Hope it helps! All the best. 🙂

  • alan bond says:

    Ihave had MDP on live acc for 2weeks no trade says broker blocking which thy deny sent 3 e-mails to MDP customer support no response!!!

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Alan, are you by any chance running the EA on a VPS? Have you run into the same issue when setting up the EA on your local PC? What you can do is turn on the Diagnostic mode and it will spit out some results about what’s going on with the EA. You’re welcome to post a screenshot here or send it to me via email and I’ll be happy to help out. 🙂

  • Layne says:
    1 stars

    MDP has done nothing but draw down a demo acct. I placed it on. A discussion about the settings would or could be helpful. I’m trading FinFx on a VPS ecn acct.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Layne, I’m using the default settings on this EA and after going through all the info on these settings, I can see no real reason to tweak it any further. It can be slow going in the beginning but as long as it is within your acceptable drawdown limits give it some time to do its thing. You may want to turn down the lot size to reduce any losses but bear in mind that this will have an impact on your gains later on. Try to keep it between 2%-5% per trade and you should be fine. It may take a while to get going but once it does it will get you where you want to be really fast. Hope that helps!

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